Jacksonville Pool Service Company Reviews


Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra Pool Service Reviews

What Our Customers Say About our Pool and Spa Service

We are the number one pool service company that provides pool and spa maintenance and cleaning in Jacksonville, Florida and surrounding areas. Don’t Just take our word for it… See what our customers have to say!

I hired Blue Water Pools to maintain a brand new pool I had built a year ago, but was starting to experience some problems with air getting into the equipment and my chlorinator was not working. Jeff showed up for the first time and resolved the issues within 15 minutes. I was very impressed. I have met 2 different pool techs from this company. They are both very friendly, very knowledgeable of water chemistry and have done a beautiful job keeping my pool clean and clear as well as problem-free. I literally never have to think about the pool any more. I would definitely recommend using this company for anything pool related.

Steve A.

My pump stopped working on Monday right before the three day weekend. I have a large pool with a complex system of plumbing. They came out on time as scheduled and gave a good price with several options. I agreed to have the pump replaced with a variable speed pump. They replaced my pump in time to get me swimming for our pool party! The pump is very worthwhile and cleans the pool in a much shorter time. Great job!

Gust S.

If you want the best in town, then please go with this company! So professional and helpful. My pool is ALWAYS clean and running properly. I’ve had several issues with the company who built my pool and Jeff has helped our family TREMENDOUSLY in getting those problems solved. He is always friendly and eager to lend a helping hand. Of course many companies take pride in doing what’s in their job description, but what sets this company apart from the rest is that they go ABOVE AND BEYOND to make the customer happy and satisfied and in my case even when it wasn’t their responsibility. Jeff has been a life saver with all my pool complications and has never been anything short of amazing when it comes to his extreme knowledge about pools. After each service he is very thorough and leaves a maintenance record to ensure that you know the service that has been performed. I can’t say enough good things about Blue Water Pools & Spas…I know there are a lot of companies who do this type of work, but I assure you that if you want consistent quality service, with a very reasonable price, this is the company to go with! Trust me…you will be happy with your decision!!

Niah W.

Jeff is a SUPER pool guy. His service is outstanding, prices are very good, but most of all his service and communication is outstanding. He is proactive and you never have to worry about him or your pool. He goes above and beyond and I would highly recommend Blue Water Pools and Jeff.

Greg C.

Jeff is a very personable fellow who is very professional. He does a good job of cleaning and maintaining our pool. He is very good at explaining issues with water chemistry, and is attentive to our concerns as well. I highly recommend his company.

Esther D.

Always on time. Very professional. Good communication. The pool is being maintained to high standards.

Dottie M.

I just recently bought a house and have never owned a pool before. I tried to take care of the pool myself and ultimately my pool turned green and I had some problems with my equipment. I called Blue Water to get an estimate to see what the costs would be like if I let professionals take care of my pool for me. Jeff came to our house and gave us a very detailed report on the condition of the pool and my equipment. After listening to what he had to say I knew I had to hire these guys. Jeff is very knowledgeable about the water chemistry and although he could have told me differently, it turned out the equipment issues were very simple fixes. They gave me a fair price to take my pool from the green swamp that it was to crystal clear water that myself and my family can now enjoy. I will never try to maintain my pool again. The pool looks great, their prices are fair and everyone I have met in the company is very personable. Do yourself a favor and hire this company to take care of your pool for you. You will not regret it.

Laura R.

I called Blue Water Pools & Spas to do some potential work on my parents pool in Jacksonville and had the best customer service experience I could ever imagine.  The owner personally came out to check out the situation and was such a professional about asking the right questions to get to the root of the problem.  Come to find he was able to figure out that the problem was something we never even considered and wasn’t as bad as we thought.  His honesty was well taken and appreciated that we hired his team to do the work and my parents were very happy of the outstanding job they did!  I would recommend anyone in the Jacksonville area who has a pool or spa to call this team of experts and let them take care of you like they took care of my parents.  Thank you Blue Water Pools & Spas!!!!

Eli M.